House and Hostel in Nënkalaja - Prizren (Ongoing)

Renovation House of Justice - Gjakova (Ongoing)

Private Clinic "FlaMed" (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized)

Guesthouse "Toka Jonë" (Interior) - Gjakova (Ongoing)

Guesthouse "Villa Park" (Interior) - Prizren (Ongoing)

Reconstruction of Municipal Assembly of Gjakova (Realized)

Residential and commercial building AN - Gjakova (Ong)

Residential and commercial building SK - Gjakova (Ong)

Guesthouse "Toka Jonë"- Gjakova (Ongoing)

Private House AN - Gjakova (Conceptual)

Private House MK - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House BM - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House SHG - Gjakova (Conceptual)   

Residential and policlinic building - Gjakova (Ongoing)




Private Clinic "Fati Im" - Gjakova

Private House EK - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House BK - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House HGJ - Gjakova 

Cultural Center - Viti (Conceptual)

Sanitary Showroom "Erina" (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized)

Lawyer Office (Interior)- Gjakova (Realized)

Lounge "Avenue 91" (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized)


Hotel and Restaurant Tiffany - Prizren (Realized)

Private House NSH- Gjakova (Realized)

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)


European Clinic - Gjakova (Realized)

Residential Building BR - Gjakova (Realized)

Residential Building and Commercial - Gjakova (Realized)

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)

Bar Index 91 (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized)


Juvenile Center - Lipjan (Realized)

Residential Building and Comerical - Gjakova (Realized)

Residential and Showroom - Gjakova (Conceptual)

Restoration of the Blue house - Prizren (Realized)

Renovation of the center for deaf-mute ppl - Prizren (Realized)


Traditional Restaurant (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized)

Traditional Restaurant - Gjakova (Realized)

Main Centre of Family Medicine - Kaqanik (Realized)

Revitalization of a shop in Old Bazaar - Gjakova (Realized)

Renovation of an existing house - Gjakova (Realized)

Private house FL- Gjakova (Realized)

Private house BR- Gjakova (Realized)


Restoration of Sheh Zade house - Prizren (Realized)

Restoration of St Nikola - Bogoshevc (Realized)

Private House SHR - Gjakova (Realized) 

Residential Building LD - Gjakova (Realized) 


Juvenile Center - Lipjan (Realized)

Residential Building BR - Gjakova (Realized)

Interim Secure Facility for Victims of Human Trafficking - Lipjan

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)

Residential and Showroom - Gjakova (Realized)


Restoration of Beledije Building - Prizren (Realized)

Music School - Mitrovica (Conceptual)

Private House MD - Gjakova (Realized)


Residential Building "Baba Tim" - Gjakova (Realized)

Restoration of Vernacular House - Prizren (Realized)

Hotel "Magra Austria" - Peja (Realized)

Residential Building 3F- Gjakova (Conceptual)

Private House STH - Gjakova (Realized)

Restaurant EH (Interior) - Gjakova (Conceptual)

Corner Bar (Interior) - Prizren (Realized)

European Clinic - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House NSH- Gjakova (Realized)

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)

Historic Clock Tower (Construction) - Gjakova (Realized)

Reconstruction of St. Elias Church (Construction) - Vushtrri (Re) 

Reconstruction of Bektashi Tekke (Construction) - Gjakova (Re)


Residential Building - Prishtina (Realized)

Private House - Gjakova (Realized)

ShowRoom Nagavci (Interior) - Gjakova (Realized) 

Residential Building AG- Prishtina (Realized) 


Music School "Prenk Jakova" - Gjakova (Realized)

Forensic Psychiatric Institute - Prishtina (Realized)

Faculty of Education, branch Gjakova (Conceptual)

Residential Apartment - Prishtina (Realized)

Restoration and Archeological Museum of Prizren (Realized) 

ShowRoom AX - Gjakova (Realized) 

ShowRoom MD - Gjakova (Realized) 

Urban Planning "Gjakova 2006" - Gjakova (Realized) 

Urban Planning "Islom Beg Bridge - Court"- Gjakova (Realized) 

Urban Planning "Western Dardania"- Gjakova (Realized) 


Hotel and Restaurant Tiffany - Prizren (Realized)

Private House NSH- Gjakova (Realized)

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)

Urban Planning "Mbreteresha Teuta"- Gjakova (Realized)



KRU "Radoniqi" - Gjakova (Realized)

Touristic Village "Sharri" - Prizren (Realized)

Private House NSH- Gjakova (Realized)

Square "Beqir Kastrati" - Gjakova (Realized)

Mental Health Center - Prishtina (Realized)

School and Dormitory - Prizren (Conceptual)


Regional Hospital - Prizren (Realized)

Residential Building - Prizren (Conceptual)

Resource Center (training for Handicap) - Prishtina (Realized)

Mental Health Center - Mitrovice (Realized)

Mental Health Center - Fushe Kosovo (Realized)

Elderly Center - Skenderaj (Realized)

Community-Based House - Ferizaj (Realized)

Kosovo Parliament Auditorium - Prishtina (Conceptual)

Mental Health Center - Peja (Conceptual)

Reconstruction and conservation of Taliqi Bridge and Tabak Bridge (Construction) - Gjakova (Realized)


Mental Health Center - Prizren (Realized)

Mental Health Center - Shtime (Realized)

Children's Center - Graçanica (Realized)

Firefighter's Center - Gjakova (Conceptual)

Annex of Municipal Court - Gjakova (Conceptual)

Residential Building - Theranda (Conceptual)


Mental Health Center - Gjilan (Realized)

Training Center - Prishtina (Realized)

Mental Special Institute - Shtime (Realized) 

Hotel at Petrol Station "Niki &M" - Gjakova (Realized) 


Mental Health Center - Gjakova (Realized)

Primary School "Esad Mekuli"- Maznik, Peja (Realized)

Private House BK - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House BG - Gjakova (Realized)

Parish House - Gjakova (Realized)


Petrol Station "Niki &M"- Gjakova (Realized)

Rehabilitation of Theatre “Jusuf Gervalla” - Peja (Realized)

Private House - Gjakova (Realized)

Private House BG - Gjakova (Realized)

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