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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 

Architectural Design 

2165 m2

The main design idea of this project was to provide functional and inspiring space for practicing and performing music while paying tribute to valuable traditional architecture of the context. 

The plan was developed based on the requested functional program from the client, cardinal orientation and lot shape. Functions are distributed in centric scheme around a well lit central hall which gives accessibility to classes and cabinets, vertical communication and the 300 people concert hall.

Material usage, especially in exterior is conceptualized based on the context, being in the close radius with two historically significant buildings. The accent brick wall, which takes a great part of the frontal façade is a tribute to the early 20th century brick house standing on the opposite side of the building. Glass façade on the western wall reflects the historic Mejtep Ruzhdije building erected during ottoman period as the first primary school and later used as the music school Prenk Jakova. Similarly, architectural elements of this historic landmark inspired the semicircular window openings of the exterior brick wall.

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