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private clinic


Private Investment

Interior Design  

160 m2

Fla Med is a private clinic located in the proximity of the Regional Hospital of Gjakova. The project was conceptualized around the idea of separating the public part (hall, waiting area, and toilets) from the private part (visit rooms and surgery spaces) while ensuring good communication between these areas. Spaces are utilized to the maximum providing the fundamental functions of a clinic while devotion to attention to detail was assured. The hallway has the waiting area and reception desk from where all the visiting rooms are accessed. The space is self-explanatory and well lit. Waiting (sitting) areas are organized in two zones, respectfully at the entrance hall and the narrow hall towards the end of the clinic, to ensure proximity of the particular visit room.  

From the entrance door, the ceiling with texture and color guides patients towards the reception desk where all the information is gathered and communication with visit rooms is established. The reception desk is the first element encountered from the entrance therefore due to its representative performance, it was conceptualized as the focal point of the space. Visit rooms are modest in space but sufficient for the requested and necessary functions, with simple design expression using diversity in textures and materiality. 

The spaces are well lit, especially in the visit rooms where light is important essentiality. The light is provided by lighting elements and through grooves in the ceiling with a source of light.  

Materials are chosen carefully regarding their performance in the sanitation issues and the impact they have on the psychological perception of space.  Shades of blue color and wood were used consciously to create a calming effect and warm ambiance for the psychology of the patient. Furniture as well as other sanitary fixtures were chosen carefully with the same idea of utilization and asepsis.

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