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Private Investment

Architectural and Main Design 

282 m2

The house was conceptualized around the request of the investor of common living with the flexibility of housing two families. As always, context and cardinal orientation were also determining variables in creating this plan matrix. The spaces are organized in the way that they offer independence and equal space quality for both families with maximum usage of space. 

Living spaces are shaped in an open plan scheme with living, dining and kitchen integrated into one large space. Sleeping spaces are designed to offer a comfortable and serene environment.

The house has large open spaces such as big balconies and patios linking indoor and outdoor common spaces. To continue this concept, large openings were introduced to create visual communication with nature and outdoors.

The volumetric form of the house reflects the hierarchy of spaces giving accent to the main spaces of living. Materials used in this project represent a duality between natural wood and milk-white color to remain humble in the existing residential context and create contrasts and volumetric accent.

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