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Residential and commercial building


Private Investment

Architectural and Main Design 

The building is located in a remotely suburban neighborhood. It consists of commercial spaces at the first stories and residential apartments on top. The apartment block has a garage incorporated inside the building's basement. The functional matrix was organized based on the lot shape, contextual characteristics, and urban plan parameters anticipated for this zone. Another variable of the architectural design was the apartment typology based on collective living spaces standards and clients' requests, creating healthy and inspiring living spaces. Commercial spaces are spacious and with the double room height.

The frontal facade is visually transparent in regard to commercial use (showroom) and the necessity for the audience.

The external expression of the building is a reflection of the interior functionalities, in conformity with the surrounding area. Materials used in this project create a humble expression of the facade in relation with the suburban context, with a game of grayscale to create contrasts and volumetric accent.

6700 m2

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