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Beledije building


European Commission Office 

Restoration project, Intervention and Supervision

168.5 m2

The Belediye Building presents great architectural and historical values built during the Ottoman period, respectively 19th century. As the name documents, it was used as municipality from Ottoman administration. Additional spaces were added later in the western side of the original building with incompatible material and architectural elements, which during restoration project were removed in order to restore the original structure. 

Main idea of this project was to prolong the monuments longevity while preserving the authenticity to the most extent, therefore during this restoration project we did restore the material but not the image.

Initially, the severely damaged structure was consolidated to ensure structural integrity and drainage was introduced to remove humidity from the ground floor. Original elements in good condition were preserved while damaged elements were substituted with their replicas. Architectural interventions were based on the old photographs and documentations of the building and traces found in the building in constant consultation with experts and heritage related institutes. 

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