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house and hostel at nËnkalaja


Private Investment

Architectural and Main Design

300 m2

House and hostel will be built in the historic city of Prizren, in the neighborhood called "Nënkalaja" (under Castle). The house belongs to the family who will run the hostel so the proximity of the buildings was a necessary part of the design.

Although different in function, the house and hostel have a similar architectural expression to preserve the image of the historic context of the "Nënkalaja" neighborhood. The project was designed with the guidance of the National Law for the Historic City of Prizren, Law for Cultural Heritage of Kosovo, international guidelines, charters, and ethics for Intervention in Historic Areas and in close consultancy with local and state institutions responsible for cultural heritage.  

Adapting the buildings to the inclined terrain has produced different altitudes and volumes of the buildings. They sit in a sloped terrain, with hill and castle at the back and expanding views of the city center in front. To benefit from the great location, the house and hostel have large openings towards the city center and Castle as part of the historical narrative of the project and the city. To extend this idea, traditional architectural elements such as galleries (çardak), wooden shutters (çepeng) were introduced in exterior and interior, reinterpreting the know-how from skillful masters of the past.  

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