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Private Investor

Architectural Design, Construction and Supervision 

1894 m2

The building is located in a residential area with row houses, in the close radius of the main Hospital of the city, also known as Hospital neighborhood. For this reason, the most accentuated part of the building's façade is found to be the street facade.

Based on the clients request the project was organized to accommodate a gynecological clinic and microbiological laboratory. About 2/3 of the space are destined to be used by the clinic while around 1/3 by the laboratory. This request was the primary design principal from functional distribution to the facade composition. The clinics spaces vary from small and medium visiting rooms to large operating and delivery room with high quality of space, naturally illuminated and ventilated.


Exterior composition and materials are humble to diffuse in the existing context of residential houses and 60s architecture neighborhood. The building fulfills both functions perfectly, with great quality of space and it was realized in a very modest budget.

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