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TOka jonË guesthouse


Private Investment

Architectural and Main Design 

820 m2

Toka Jonë Guesthouse is located in the village Guskë, in Gjakova. The site inclines from a meadow to a hill surrounded by greenery and vegetation. The building will be erected on the hill part of the site, with expanding uninterrupted views towards. The project is a mixture of a guesthouse, agro-tourism, and slow food concept, with traditional character accompanying contemporary interpretation.

The restaurant has expanding views towards the grassland with apple plantations in front and grape yards at the back of the building, with separate entrance to function independently from the guesthouse. Spaces inside (especially rooms) were designed to give the feeling of a weekend escape at grandmother's country house with comfort, coziness, and traditional/local ambiance.

Materials such as stone, wood, and lime wash paint are used in the interior as well as in exterior to harmonize with nature in a noninvasive approach but in contrary to complement the nature and context. Interior spaces have similar material use to have the same space perception and comply with the traditional character of the site. Moreover, existing materials from other buildings were reused in certain parts of the interior and architectural elements.

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